Welcome! This is

The name is inspired by my favorite anime character, 志摩 リン (Shima Rin) from Laid-Back Camp, with the letter ‘i’ replaced with ‘1’.

Who am I

I’m passionate about creating software and have contributed to a few open-source projects on GitHub.

While I have experience with frontend development using React, I have a soft spot for old-school web design. That’s why this homepage is built with pure HTML and minimal CSS.

I’m a self-proclaimed Linux terminal enthusiast and spend a lot of time customizing my neovim and tmux setup. It might seem useless spending time on this, but I found enjoyment from crafting an elegant and modern development UI.

My primary programming languages are Rust, and I manage projects with Nix. I also have extensive experience with Scala and C++, but I wouldn’t claim mastery over them – they’re both quite challenging! :(

Due to some disillusionment with the Rust community and its culture, I’ve started learning Haskell. I’m exploring it as a potential replacement for my daily programming language. While Haskell is also demanding, I find the declarative and immutable programming model quite refreshing.

My main interests within computer science are architecture and operating systems. I’m continually striving to deepen my understanding of these areas. And I would love to be an Architecture and Kernel engineer in the near future.

Besides programming, I’m an avid anime and game enthusiast. Here are a few of my favorites, and I’d love to hear if you enjoy them too:



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